Nov. 18, 2007

Dance Idiot Dance!

That's a reference to a song by The Hives by the way... First opera, now ballet! What's wrong with this rocker?

Sheryl and I went to see the National Ballet's production of West Side Story Suite last night. I bought two tickets on the spur of the moment, so she'll have something to remember me by while I travel. It was very well done, as were the two preceding performances, Glass Pieces, based on the music of Phillip Glass and In the Night, set to four of Chopin's nocturnes. West Side Story Suite had a truncated feel to it but was a great performance. Odd to see ballet dancers singing though! I think I enjoyed Glass Pieces best though, Philip Glass's music can be irritating or entrancing depending on your mood, but the staging really worked well.

This was my last significant weekend of training, 2 hours on the bike trainer yesterday (60K), 20K (1:37:00) run this morning. Taper time! Tomorrow Enduro Sport packs my bike for travel, Tuesday Chris and I fly out. All I'll be able to do for the next week is a few short runs and swims as I travel.

Listening to: Walk Idiot Walk by The Hives from Tyrannosaurus Hives.

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