Oct. 12, 2007

Details, details

More fascinating photos from Mars as the high resolution camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter comes on-line. Gorgeous stuff.

Follow-up to Wednesday's Provincial election: The Liberals are back in with a second majority, Conservative leader John Tory didn't even win his own seat (which happens to be my riding, Don Valley West). Let's see what happens this time.

I found a copy of the Hotel Chevalier short film "somewhere". Interesting back story for The Darjeeling Limited. Natalie Portman seemed uncomfortable with her nude scene though.

My poor over-worked iPod nano gave up the ghost after my hour of riding in the pouring rain. I've fiddled with it myself and had the guys at iRepair look it over, there was nothing to be done other than replace it at the Apple Store. :-( Still, the new nano is cute and has more capabilities. I bought the (red) one. Sheryl is looking forward to finding it cleaned up and placed under her Christmas tree when my Ironman training is over.

Lastly, but most importantly, my VRETA sofa has arrived from IKEA. Finally a place in which to sleep in front of the TV.

Listening to: 1234 by Feist from The Reminder.

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