Jul. 15, 2007


Yesterday I was doing some more fitness modeling on The Shopping Channel, demonstrating the Bowflex Blaze. It was the first time I'd used it and I managed to nearly tip the darn thing over, on live TV! Always keep you feet planted on the base plate. Yike.

Chris left on Friday night for his B.C. vacation with his mother. We've been battling over his inactivity and obsession with World of Warcraft, but I think we found common ground at the end. When he gets back in two weeks he'll only be around for a couple of days before heading off to camp for four more weeks. It's going to be quiet around here.

I watched the British Grand Prix on Wednesday night, again on "tape delay". Wunderkind Lewis Hamilton started from the pole, followed by his Ferrari rivals and his McLaren teammate. Felipe Massa's Ferrari stalled just before the start, so he had to start from the pit lane. His drive, from 22nd back up to 5th, provided the most excitement. At the front all the racing developments resulted from pit stop strategy. Kimi Raikkonen got past Lewis at the first stop but was passed the same way by Fernando Alonso. In the second round of stops Kimi overtook Fernando again and that was the way the race ended. That's two wins in a row for Kimi, looks like Ferrari's are going to be the car to beat for at least the middle part of the season.

I watched Alfonso Cuaron's film Children of Men on TV Saturday night with Sheryl. I'd wanted to see it but missed it in the theaters. What a bleak vision! Eighteen years since the last human birth, society in despair and tearing itself apart. One moment the setting seemed to be the ordinary world of today's Britain, the next moment like the worst places in Iraq. It made me reflect on the fragility of the world we take for granted. A great performance by Clive Owen with great supporting roles from Michael Caine and Julianne Moore. And a lot of dogs. No Hollywood ending either, which I appreciated even though my lazy Hollywood-trained imagination wanted one.

Listening to: Fashionable People by Joel Plaskett Emergency from Ashtray Rock.

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