Jul. 5, 2007

Summertime Blues

Another catchup post... After recording my profound thoughts on Sunday morning I joined Brian at his place to watch the French Grand Prix. As usual McLaren and Ferrari were at the front, although an engine problem pushed Fernando Alonso down to tenth on the grid. He only managed to get up to seventh in spite of an entertainingly aggressive drive. Lewis Hamilton was the meat in a Ferrari sandwich at the start with Filipe Massa starting on pole and Kimi Raikkonen behind Lewis. Kimi had something to prove this race though and got past Lewis before the first corner. There were some expensive collisions behind them as the rest of the field tried to navigate the first corner. The Ferrari's dominated from there on, with Kimi eventually making it past his team mate owing to being able to pit later in the final stages of the race. So Ferrari are back in the fray, as is Kimi. The BMW drivers held down fourth and fifth, looks like they are now the "best of the rest."

On the home front, Chris is now on summer break. Because of a shockingly poor report card he is grounded this week and in the fall will be living, somehow, without World of Warcraft until he can bring home some positive news. Instead he's going retro and immersing himself in Seinfeld and Friends. One show I like, one I don't. We also watched the final episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on tape. I loved the characters and that mythical world of passion and integrity. I hope Arron Sorkin returns to the small screen soon.

In a week Chris will be heading out to the Rockies with his mother for two weeks, a few days later he'll be off to Camp Couchiching until almost the end of August. I'm hardly going to see him! He'll be inches taller when he gets back. Yesterday we took in the Toronto Zoo. He might be past all that when he returns...

I'm battling a sore throat and chest congestion, so my training has been pretty minimal this week. Hopefully I'll be healthy enough, not to mention rested, for my big Half Ironman race this Sunday. Canada Day? Didn't celebrate it. Too busy coughing!

Oh yeah, the iPhone! Apple seems to have hit a home run with this gadget. They may have sold as more than 500,000 phones in the first weekend. That's HALF A MILLION. Steve Ballmer must be embarrassed about cackling that no-one would buy a $600 cell phone and then shamelessly misrepresenting the pathetic marketshare of Windows Mobile phones. I'm sure he had a pretty good idea of what the real marketplace reaction would be, he was just doing what he could to cynically undermine it... I'd already have one if they were available in Canada. And I had some money. Wait until the iPhone can natively connect to Exchange servers.

Listening to: Worlds Away by The Northern Pikes from Hits and Assorted Secrets.

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