Apr. 1, 2007


High School GraduationI've been packing and packing and packing... We all carry so much stuff around with us! I mean it literally in this case. I've been gathering together photos and such, finding them in a variety of places. Amongst a trove I found my high school and university graduation photos, which I had to take a quick digital camera photo of. Here's my high school graduation photo. How about that afro!

My friend Brian rose from his sick bed to drive over and finally watch the season-opener Formula One race in Melbourne, Australia. It's been sitting in my PVR for two weeks! A pretty straight-forward race, with Kimi Raikkonen leading in his new Ferrari and being chased by the McLaren's of Fernando Alonso and newcomer Lewis Hamilton. These teams appear to be the contenders this season, along with Renault. BMW and Williams are nipping at their heels but Honda and Toyota, in spite of large investments, don't look competitive. The big news was rookie Lewis Hamilton's third place finish in his first Formula One race. He's going to be one to watch. Nice to see Kimi back at the front of the pack, I hope he can stay there. There were only a few racing incidents, the most dramatic being David Coulthard's drive over the top of Alexander Wurz's Williams. He almost powered across Wurz's helmet, which might not have been a good situation.

I took a few hours off this morning to go for my usual Sunday morning run. I planned 19K, but we lost our route and ended up doing closer to 24, in intermittent rain. So nice to be running at temperatures above freezing. I was wearing my new shoes, they felt good but might be rubbing against my left little toe.

Listening to: The Heart of Life by John Mayer from Continuum.

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