Mar. 9, 2007

Getting Back Up to Speed

This week has been, literally, a recovery week. I've been slowly getting back into running and spinning. Today got pretty busy though. I spend the day on set for a Sleep Country television commercial (I'll be in the background wandering between the mattresses if I make it into to final edit). Of course being on set is rarely busy, the talent just sat around chatting and waiting in a very cold lobby. We were all from the same agency, so it was my chance to meet some of my "co-workers" for the first time. I think I was on set for about twenty minutes although I was there from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The shoot finished just in time to rush home and take Chris and his grandmother to the airport. They're off for a week in England with my cousin Paul. Chris is looking forward to all the historical sites around London. They'll also make trips to Cambridge, where Paul is a Don, and to Stone Henge. I've been fussing over Chris' travel, printing off little sheets with contact numbers and addresses for him... I hope he brings back some interesting photos, and memories of course.

End of the ShowLast Wednesday was a busy evening too, I went to the Drake Hotel with a friend to see his friend's promotion of a new line of clothes from a jean company. It's lots of fun hanging out with pretty young girls, but not much fun when you realise that you're literally the same age as their fathers...

Listening to: Man in a Suitcase by The Police from Zenyatta Mondatta.

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