Mar. 26, 2007

Another Great Performance

Yesterday I ran 30K, today I barely moved an inch. I spent the day doing some catalog work for a Sears publication called New Outlook. Four looks, one with a Labrador Retriever named Sadie and a few setups with a "wife" who had flown in from Vancouver for the shoot. Nice working with you, Judith. It seemed to go well and there's a chance they'll use one of our couple shots for the cover. Now if I can just get this kind of work every week...

Chris is with me this week, tonight it was urgently important that he show me this YouTube video. It's an infomercial about a replacement toilet seat that is an intelligent bidet that he found hysterically funny. When I explained to him the enema function they mention he just about lost it. I had a hard time keeping a straight face at that point too! I have no fundamental problem with bidets although I have no personal experience with them. This particular device's enema function sounds a bit dicey though and I don't think I would have the patience to wait for a "warm breeze" to dry things off.

Sheryl came over last night to watch the last episode of Rome. Grippingly bloodthirsty and carnal as always, but there seems so much still to tell. Too bad it's stopping at two seasons. With Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip gone at least temporarily there are precious few intelligent shows left to watch.

Lookin' IntelligentW.C. Fields' advice to actors was "never work with children or dogs" but I seem to have got through the day. This shot from last night of Sheryl's dog Barkley was perhaps foreshadowing the day's photo shoot. I didn't know there'd be a dog on set until I got there. Sadie and I became fast friends, as is usually the case. Not like my surprise dog bite from two weeks ago!

Listening to: Cooling the Medium by Martha and the Muffins from Mystery Walk.

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