Feb. 28, 2007

Project Health

I had a casting call this afternoon, called "Project Health". No idea who the client was, but it sounded like a great concept given my physical condition. So I crawled into the shower, scraped my face with a razor blade and tossed back a few acetaminophens. That revived me enough to declare "Mission Accomplished" and hit the streets with a new bounce in my step.

On the way back I had to scout pretty hard for a gas station. Several stations I regularly use were closed because they had run out of gas. A fire at an Esso refinery has reduced our local supplies and all the chains are feeling the pinch. It should all be resolved in a few days but it's an interesting demonstration of how delicate the balance is even in a prosperous economy such as Canada's. I got my gas; I only put in a half tank as that will last me until well after this crisis is over.

By this evening my temperature had risen again, but only bit, so it's at least one more evening of ill-health for me. I guess my "mission accomplished" is no better the President Bushes.

Listening to: Claire by Rheostatics from Introducing Happiness.

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