Feb. 16, 2007

Cooking With Gas

On Wednesday there was a gas explosion in a house not too far from here. The house was completely destroyed, a gas company technician was badly burned, and the home owner is missing (i.e. dead)... Scary stuff and a sad result. The woman's two young children apparently go to the same daycare as Sheryl's grandson. The technician was in the process of relocating the gas meter when the accident occurred. I had similar work done in my own house a few years ago, but in the context of a neighbourhood-wide replacement of the gas pipelines.

We have also experienced a serious gas leak, about a year ago out in the street a few houses away, but not during installation. Our leak was triggered months after our pipeline replacement by a careless excavator whose equipment pierced the main line. Evacuations and everything.

Still love my gas stove though... I didn't get the TV commercial by the way, but I'm on hold now for the magazine photo shoot.

Chris was home with me today as it was a Professional Development day at school, so we got his hair cut and a photo taken for a new passport. We also met my mother for lunch. She's in town while my step-father is having a pacemaker installed. It all went well and they're spending the night at my sister's while he recovers a bit.

Listening to: The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash from American IV: The Man Comes Around.

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