Jan. 30, 2007

The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind

In recent weeks our Conservative government has awakened to the fact that the Canadian public considers climate change a serious issue that will affect their voting intentions. Now, having abandoned Canada's commitments to the Kyoto Accord, shown an disgraceful disinterest in international discussions and had their grand environmental plan literally laughed out of existence they are trying to paint themselves green. (Here's a preview: same plan, new words.)

Too bad letters from Mr. Harper are surfacing calling the Kyoto Accord a "socialist scheme" and praising the "essential to life" qualities of carbon dioxide. What an idiot! Or a panderer.

Looks like Mr. Harper's principled positions aren't so tightly held after all, just like his promise of a less divisive Parliament. Yes, that's what he promised, along with "accountability and transparency". Double oops. In fact the Conservative leopard is changing it's spots so fast that even a Liberal would blush. But they're still spots, and calling them green doesn't make 'em green...


I watched two good TV shows this evening, the recent "Monday" episode of Studio 60 and the new "One Day, One Room" episode of House. I know Studio 60 is catching flak from the critics, but what I like about both shows is their meshing of serious issues and complex relationships with great comic dialog. A line from House resonated with me: "Life is a series of rooms, who we get stuck with in them makes up our lives". I think that's screenwriter-speak for "we are defined by our experiences and how we deal with them" which is true, true, true.

I saw another film yesterday while giving plasma and platelets; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Kind of a detective novel comedy with snappy dialog and wild plot twists. Not to be taken seriously, but with very entertaining performances by Michelle Monaghan, Val Kilmer and especially Robert Downey Jr. Great fun!

Listening to: New Slang by The Shins from Oh, Inverted World.

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