Dec. 20, 2006

This Just In

News flash: America is not winning the war in Iraq! This is straight from George Bush's lips. According to George though "not winning" is not the same as "losing", so don't get too worried. Heh. Looks like someone in the White House has stopped focusing on nicknames and realised he can't just make it up as he goes along. Time to fish out the old thinkin' cap!

Speaking of foul-smelling things that need to be tossed out, I've been much more aware of my kitchen wash cloth, which has a tendency to lie beside my sink for weeks at a time, since my father's recent visit. He mentioned (in a non-critical way) that he'd learned that dish rags are actually the biggest source of bacteria in the home. I now try to change cloths every few days, but I had always thought the kitchen sink was the worst spot. The expert advice is to hang your dish cloths over your faucet to ensure that they dry, which prevents bacteria buildup and to microwave them(!) for a minute before use.

Turning to "local" news I read that NASA has teamed up with Google to make their satellite imagery of the Earth, Moon and Mars available, including some real-time content. This is good news for me here on Mars, because even to us locals one damn sand dune looks like another. Perhaps with Google Mars I'll eventually be able to find my way around...

Listening to: This Could Be Anywhere In The World by Alexisonfire from Crisis.

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