Dec. 29, 2006

Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

Me (Not) Swimming"Every Journey Begins with a Single Step" - In this case, the journey of an estimated seventeen hours will begin with driving, flying, waiting for connecting flights, and then driving again. We'll be joining the rest of my family who headed down to the Florida Keys shortly before Christmas. Entertainingly, seventeen hours is the cut off time in Ironman triathlons. Hope we beat it!

The photo here is of me a few weeks ago standing on the bottom of a pool and pretending to swim. My friend Adrian needed it for a job he's doing.

While Chris played World of Warcraft I joined my new running friends at a nearby Running Room store. This time I got there on time and we actually ran together. We ran a lot further than I would have on my own, in cold conditions, but I didn't want to look like a sissy. In the end I ran almost 18K. My time extrapolated to be faster than the Half Marathon I ran a few months ago! Nothing like fear of looking out of shape to motivate.

I'll be off the 'net for the next week, so you'll all just have to hold your breath in suspense until then... Sheryl has given me cookies to take down for my parents, and now I'm hastily packing for our 7:00 AM departure tomorrow morning. Hope everyone has a great end to their year!

Listening to: Truely by Enigma from Chimera.


  1. Merek has that game, too! He begged for it on his Christmas list - how funny. Happy New Year, Ben. I hope it's a great one. *cheers*

  2. We all need a great year I think...

    I'm ambivalent about WoW, because of the on-going subscription costs. Also Chris' paediatrician is against it. I'm not sure how familiar he is with it though, maybe just the word "Warcraft" sets him off. It's actually a fairly benign social environment, in MY opinion.