Dec. 24, 2006

And to All a Good Night

Christmas Eve is here; I've spent the day "cocooning" with Chris. We went out for a morning walk, watched some films on TV, and then went out again for a walk up to the movie theatre to see Night at the Museum. With Christmas Eve falling on a Sunday this year it was very quiet on the streets.

Now, after a nice Tikki Masala dinner and some more TV Chris is snuggled in bed, falling asleep to Christmas music streaming across our wireless network from my Mac to his. (Bit of a high-tech twist there.)

Night at the Museum was a entertainingly slight film. I was surprised to see Chris choose it as his tastes tend to run more towards Borat. Night at the Museum was very much a "family" film, even though it was close to two hours long. The premise is that every night all the figures and creatures in the museum secretly come to life through the power of an ancient Egyptian plaque. Ben Stiller, as the new night watchman, must figure out what's going on and keep them in check. The film was effectively Stiller and a swarm of fairly conventional computer effects, but he kept the laughs coming and the audience's sympathy. There were a lot of entertaining cameos though, Owen Wilson as a miniature cowboy and Steve Coogan as his Centurion rival were notable, but Robin William's Theodore Roosevelt seemed a bit flat.

Well it's time for me to turn in as well. Tomorrow morning, in the words of Eddie Murphy's "Donkey"character in Shrek, "I'm makin' WAFFLES!"

Listening to: Be Near Me by ABC from Look of Love - The Very Best of ABC.

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