Oct. 25, 2006

Holy Cow!

IMG_7575As my regular readers might have divined, I have been trying to get work as a model recently since nothing else has been happening employment-wise. A professional photographer friend of mine has taken enough photos of me to create a portfolio, which I took to an agency this summer. They signed me on and have been sending me out to casting calls and "go sees" about once a week since then, with zero results.

Well, yesterday I got a result... Tomorrow I'm going to be on set for an American television commercial in which I will be "seen on camera"(edit: silent on camera) in the role of 'patient reassured by the approach of his doctor'.

I nearly fell of my chair when I got the (good) news. I had hoped to get a bit of print work for catalogs and such, but I have hated the casting calls because I feel awkward and tongue-tied on camera. But the first call I had was for a commercial, and I was put on hold for the part. I think my agency got the idea that I "must be a natural" and have been pushing me into acting, including minor speaking parts. Frankly there's no way I'll get those parts, for the above reasons. Maybe with a year of acting lessons, but that is not on the cards.

Still, it's money in hand...

Listening to: In View by The Tragically Hip from World Container.

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