Sep. 25, 2006

In a Meaford State of Mind

Sauble BeachI got back from Meaford this afternoon. We had a pretty wet and "rustic" weekend, but the weather co-operated enough for us to visit Sauble Beach. Adrian thought we could get some good shots for my modeling portfolio with the storm waves in the background. We got exactly enough 'good' weather to accomplish that. As the designated photographer's victim I didn't get much of a chance to take photos myself. I did manage to get a nice series this morning around the farm and beaver pond when the sun finally came out for a few hours before we left.

I enjoyed driving around with Adrian, we took interesting side roads all the way up and listened to Verve Remixed on my iPod. We traveled along Airport Road all the way to Georgian Bay instead of thundering up Highway 400, and crossed some steep but rolling hills. I kept thinking that I'd love to try them on my bike someday.

We stayed with Adrian's friend Roger, who was at his parent's farm/cottage tinkering with the rusty old cars he's hauled there, including a recently acquired 1948 GMC fire engine. Roger actually lives in San Diego, so this is a pretty optimistic activity... The farm is definitely isolated, and with few supplies and no running water due to a dry well we might as well have been camping. Sheryl had a good laugh this afternoon when I told her about the conditions, but I did get through a good chunk of Margaret Atwood's novel Oryx and Crake.

The woods were pretty close in on all sides of the farm so there was no view to speak of. The sky did finally clear at about midnight though, so I was able to enjoy my favourite cottage activity; staring into the starry abyss. I hate to say it, but I'm really going to miss the family cottage. It was the perfect place to soothe the soul...

Listening to: Peter Gunn (Max Sedgley Remix) by Max Sedgley and Sarah Vaughan from Verve Remixed 3.

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