Aug. 26, 2006

Wild Turkeys

The weather was better than the forecast had been, so I went out for the Caledon Hills group ride. Got there a bit late as I got a speeding ticket on my way out of town... Just as the radio was playing Heaters by illScarlet! ("We are living in a police state")

There were three other club members waiting on the meeting point, so we did a reverse loop and included some side roads that had big hills. As we topped the biggest hill a flock of wild turkeys crossed the road in front of us. Quite a funny sight. There also seemed to be goldfinches everywhere. In the end I did 75 km, which is my furthest ride yet, and then did a 5 km run. The run was the first time I have used my newest toy, the Nike/iPod nano pedometer. It worked really well, except my shoes aren't designed for the transponder so first I lost it (and spent five minutes seaching for it) and then it slipped under my running shoe's tongue and lay on top of my toes inside the shoe!

Listening to: Heaters by illScarlett from Clearly In Another Fine Mess.

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