May 20, 2006

Ride or die

I was up at 6:30 AM today to walk Sheryl's dog (whom I'm babysitting while she's in New York for the weekend) and then go on my first serious group ride. The triathlon club met at the intersection of Elgin Mills and Woodbine, way up in Richmond Hill, for an 8:00 AM start. I packed my mountain bike into my trunk and tied it down, getting there just in time for the start.

It was a cold, windy morning. I was well dressed for the conditions as it turned out, other than wishing I had full finger cycling gloves. I kept up pretty well with the experienced riders for about the first 10 km but the remaining 50 km were gruelling, especially in the gusting winds. It seemed that we were riding into a head wind the whole way, even though we did a large loop! There's no way around it, if I want to get a fair return on my exertion I'll have to get a 'real' bike.

Listening to: You Showed Me by The Lightning Seeds from Dizzy Heights.

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