May 9, 2006

Big Day Out

Sunday I watched a parade, watched a car race, went to a first communion party and then a birthday party... Phew.

07-05-06_1111The parade was serendipitous. Sheryl and I took Barkley out for a morning walk and I suggested that we go further afield. When we got down to Queen's Park we found the roads all closed for what turned out to be a Police Memorial parade. Many speeches were made, police officers in full-dress uniform stood at attention, gun fire salutes were made (that frightened Barkley), then they re-formed and marched past the Lieutenant Governor while bagpipes played (which also frightened Barkley). I wish I'd brought my camera, but I did take a few cell phone snaps of the flower beds. The "march" turned out to be only two blocks long...

Next stop was my friend's house to watch that morning's Formula One race, the European Grand Prix from Germany's Nurburgring race track. Fernando Alonso started on pole in his Renault with Michael Schumacher's Ferrari beside him. He managed to keep Michael at bay until the second pitstop, when Michael had enough fuel to stay out three laps longer and hence build a gap before he had to pit as well. Not much else to say about it other than Kimi Raikkonen's McLaren looked competitive again. Rookie Nico Rosberg made a good impression, taking his Williams from 22nd to 7th.

The race finished just in time to join Sheryl at a party her friends were having to celebrate their eight year-old daughter's first communion. Sheryl had made a cupcake tower for the occasion. Colin and Mary-Jo live in a very modern just-finished house of about 6,000 sq. ft. I expect to see their incredible home in a magazine layout very soon. Seriously.

Last stop of the day was Sheryl's daughter's home, where she was having a small dinner to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. Gourmet pizza and then - more cupcakes!

Listening to: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous by Good Charlotte from The Young and the Hopeless.

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