Apr. 13, 2006

Timing is everything...

P5290001.JPGI went for a 9.5 km (thanks again Google Earth Measure Path) run along the Kay Gardiner Beltline Park Trail this afternoon in sunny and warm conditions. As I was warming down walking the last few blocks home it started to rain, but not too heavily. I really enjoyed the run and the rain felt kind of good. A few minutes after I got home there was a hail storm though. My sun deck was covered with pea-sized pellets! That would have put a damper on things...

The photo is from the day of last year's Nike "RunTO" 10 km race but I was dressed pretty much the same today, with the addition of a water bottle belt, my iPod, and a pair of running tights. (I did a bit of grocery shopping after the hailstorm passed without changing my clothes, and I eventually realised that some of the women passersby were checkin' me out. Perhaps the tights are too tight.)

Listening to: Always The Sun by The Stranglers from Dreamtime.

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