Apr. 6, 2006

Sorry, I was just Googling

I was having a late-night talk with Sheryl and slowly dropping off to sleep last night. She accused me of being asleep, so that became our topic. Even when I'm almost asleep I can summarise the last thing said to me. It's like I have a 15 second tape loop in my head for defensive purposes.

I explained that when I'm tired I don't zone out of the conversation (as I was being accused). Instead I go into a kind of free-association state where I hear the other person and I'm aware of the thread, but follow paths of thought that branch off from the topic. So if I'm dozing off while talking about a friend's relationships I might start thinking about a business idea he mentioned a while ago, or a different friend's situation. It's not as good as staying focused on the actual conversation, but it's not a sign that I'm ignoring it...

Sheryl said "So you're Googling in your head." I guess she's right. We all know how Google searches can bring up strange matches. Maybe my mind just clicks "I'm Feeling Lucky" when it's tired.

Listening to: The Reasons by The Weakerthans from Reconstruction Site.

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