Mar. 4, 2006

This week in politics

The past is coming back to haunt our North American political leaders this week. Down south evidence has emerged that President Bush was an apparently inattentive attendee at several video conferences where he was directly told of the various serious consequences of the arrival of hurricane Katrina. When the sh*t hit the fan (and over 1300 Americans died) his line was that "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees" Kinda making it up as he goes along...

Up here we have a dual catch-up for our new Prime Minister. First, the Alberta government is planning to introduce a form of private health care that directly contravenes the Canada Health Act that Mr. Harper pledged to defend during the recent election. Problem is, a few years ago he wrote a letter urging the Alberta government to do just that. Hmmm. Secondly, after campaigning long and loud about the higher ethical standard of his party Mr. Harper now finds himself the subject of a federal ethics inquiry over the immediate post-election defection of David Emerson to Mr. Harper's Conservative government (and a cabinet seat). Mr. Harper's response? That the inquiry is a partisan political attack. Kinda making it up as he goes along...

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