Mar. 22, 2006

March - Broken

IMG_0056.JPGLast week was Chris' March Break vacation. Given my cash situation, this year we hung around town and spent three days visiting his grandparents. He had a lot of fun playing with their puppy Biscuit, we went for a few walks along the lake front, and we ate a lot. Chris was a bit disappointed at the end of it though, as he had a long list of things he wanted to do in the city. We managed to squeeze in a trip to the Ontario Science Centre on Sunday, to see their Dangerous Science show, which satisfied him. I took some photos on our walks, expecting to try a few experiments, but I got caught up in the geology on the rocks used for the breakwater.

Tomorrow's my big day, attending the Lord of the Rings Gala Premier with Sheryl. We've decided to splash out on a stretch limo to get us all there... I'm sure I'll have lots of photos to post on Friday.

Listening to: Jerk It Out by the Caesars from Paper Tigers.

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