Feb. 5, 2006

Tech Music

Recently a web site I like to visit that discusses new gadgets, called Gizmodo, held a competition. Hitachi had posted some MP3 files of the sounds (normal and 'sick') their hard drives might make, presumably for diagnostic use by technicians. Gizmodo's spin on this (Spin. Get it? Spin!) was to see who could make the best song using only those sampled sounds. A hundred entries were received.

The winner, James Postlethwaite, used extremely tiny snips of sound to build tones and then laid larger chunks on top to construct a melody. The result was a beautiful (to my ear anyway) chill track. You can hear it at the Odeo music archive web site. Too bad its just two minutes long...

Oh, there was a football game today too. The rust-belt team beat the tech-town team.

2006/05/14 update: The song is gone from Odeo. Fortunately I saved it: Noriko Version.

Listening to: Hitachi Hard-Drive Project - Noriko Version by James Postlethwaite.

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