Feb. 16, 2006

75.5¢ Sweet!

I paid 75.5¢/liter for regular gas this evening. Yee haw! I don't drive that much and my old clunker gets pretty good gas mileage, but my last tank cost me 94.8¢/liter. That's a big difference... Gas prices seem to rise and fall on a whim, with political uncertainties such as the war in Iraq used as justification. Nice to see a substantial decline for once. If I had to guess a cause, I'd say that the warmer weather has left the refineries with a glut of oil that they expected to be used for heating fuel. Here in Toronto gas prices hit an all time high of $1.34 last September. Almost all the gas stations had signs that could only display prices that were less than 99.9¢. Everyone was walking around like the world had ended. Of course three years ago I would have been outraged at a price over 60¢/liter.

In other news, I nipped out for two hours this evening to attend a launch party for the new TTC. Not the Toronto Transit Commission, who provide us with such wonderful street cars, buses and subway trains. This was for the Toronto Triathlon Club. The event was held at a bar called Runyx on Dundas West. I guess that there were about 150 people there. The club is transitioning (hey that's a triathlon word) from informal and free to accredited, dues-collecting and service-providing. Looks promising. The poor barmaid was selling water to all the health nuts. I never win anything, but tonight I won a subscription to a new Canadian triathlon magazine. Why couldn't it have been a lottery ticket that came through?

Listening to: Keep On Truckin' (DJ Spinna Remix) by Eddie Kendricks from MOTOWN remixed.

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