Nov. 25, 2005

Welcome to the Ladybug Farm

My house feels like it's being over-run by ladybugs! They seem to like the kitchen and bathroom best, probably for the sunlight. I kind of like having them around and their numbers are rather low anyway, but it's startling when they land on you. We're in the second day of the first snowfall of the year. Yesterday Chris tried to refuse to go to school because of it. That didn't fly, but every kid reserves the right to try it... The worst part of the snow is that my front lawn now has a large white bump on it: the pile of leaves I'd raked together but hadn't bagged. When the snow melts I'll have to remove that embarrassment.

'Culture' catch-up: Sheryl took me to see Dame Edna: Back with a Vengeance at the Royal Alex theatre as a birthday treat a few weeks ago. "Dame Edna" is the outrageous, indiscreet, egomaniacal creation of Australian comedian Barry Humphries. Quite a funny show (thanks, baby) but a note in the program made me realise that Humphries is in his seventies and has been doing this transvestite schtick for fifty years! That's what I call a long run. It's entertaining now, but back then the innuendos must have been scandalous.

We saw Cronenberg's new film, A History of Violence a few days later. A gripping plot about the secret past of a "good" man and how he and his family deal with it. Excellent performances from Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello and Ed Harris. The usual warning about Cronenberg films applies: there are scenes that are not for the squeamish...

Listening to: Everything Zen by Bush from Sixteen Stone.

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  1. R and I saw it the last time he was in town and he was quite impressed with how realistic the, um, fight scenes were. But then that made me wonder how'd he KNOW that anyway. ;)