Nov. 11, 2005

Remember what?

So this morning Andrea calls me. It's a few minutes before 11:00 AM, which is when everyone with any compassion should be observing a minute's silence in rememberance of our veterans. She wants to play a QuickTime movie of a country song, about how churlish it is to ignore the pause, in one of our boardrooms immediately after.

So I race down to get the video copied onto the board room computer, but it turns out we have an expired version of QuickTime installed on the PC. I'm busy fussing around trying to update it when our receptionist announces over the PA that it's time for a minute of silence. But I'm concentrating on solving the problem fast and don't pay attention.

So I keep clicking away and muttering to myself during the sacred minute until someone shushes me... Then I shut up.

Listening to: Clocks by Coldplay from A Rush Of Blood to the Head.

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