Sep. 17, 2005

Mrs. Harris

Oh, it was a wet one last night... Rained pretty steadily, and once again I was outside Roy Thomson Hall managing the Rush ticket line. I can't complain though, it's been only the second wet night I've had to deal with in three years and I did have a big umbrella. The first film was Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. By all accounts a very funny clay-mation comedy by the creators of Chicken Run. I tried to convince my son to come down with his mother and use some of my "pinks" (free tickets that volunteers get) but he was too tired from his first school dance. He was also disappointed that the girls he wanted to dance with weren't there. That was an interesting bit of information!

The second film was Mrs. Harris, starring Ben Kingsley and Annette Bening. There were tickets left, so I quickly called Sheryl to come down and we were able to watch it together. Great performances by the leads, but the true-life story didn't really hold my attention. Kingsley played Dr. Tarnower, creator of the Scarsdale Diet and a cad of the first order. Bening played Mrs. Harris, his tightly-wound, unstable and eventually discarded lover and gun-owner.

Tonight is the Festival's final screening, the premier of Edison, a film noir starring Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Justin Timberlake. I might not watch it if I get the chance though, there's a volunteer party to get to and a dawn to dance until. Sheryl will have to content herself with going to the U2 concert with her friend Dusty. (Hey, that's even better!)

Listening to: Daft Punk Is Playing At My House by LCD Soundsystem from LCD Soundsystem.

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