Sep. 2, 2005

A Monster Created

Yesterday Chris and I went took in "The Ex", aka the Canadian National Exhibition. The Ex is a big end-of-summer fair down by Toronto's lakeshore, with midway rides and the usual fairground attractions. We spent the day riding roller-coasters, eating carnival food, and such. Sheryl has been bugging me to get a tattoo since we first met. I'll never do it (sorry), but I did get a henna "arm band" applied at the Ex for her entertainment. She saw it that night when Chris and I came over to cook an Indian meal.

Another spur of the moment decision was getting Chris a cell phone. I'd promised him one before school started as a Grade Six graduation present. Rogers Wireless had a booth at the Ex offering a great price (free), and the time was right. Ever since (and I mean from the first minute) Chris has been a maniac for text messaging, taking cell pictures, downloading ring tones, etc. Luckily everything is free for the first two months. He also wants a earphone because he's sure his brain is actually frying from the radiation.

Turning to sports, I've realised that my triathlon "season" is over. The last local race is next weekend, and I'll have too many commitments volunteering at the Toronto International Film Festival. Technically I could charge up to Wasaga Beach, race, and charge back, but in reality... So I'm going to switch to "next year" mode and get my shoulder and hip back in shape. Too bad, I was really itching to do another race.

Listening to: Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day from American Idiot.


  1. Hey Ben!

    Sorry to hear your triathlon season won't include Wasaga. I'm heading up next weekend for the last race of my season (unless you count the Mississauga Duathlon at the beginning of October). I raced in Guelph yesterday and it was awesome. Good luck with your recovery and training for next season.

  2. Have a good time in Wasaga. (Doesn't everyone?) :-)

    I'm glad your Guelph race went well. It's annoying that there are so many different variations on the triathlon distances. Makes it hard to compare events.