Sep. 27, 2005

I Thought You Looked Familiar...

I caught Arrested Development on TV last night. Love that show. There was a beautiful blonde guest-starring, and she looked familiar. Charlize Theron! Our eyes had locked as she walked the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival, and ever since the... Oops, fantasizing. It seems everyone wants to guest on Arrested Development. The show has struggled to find an audience but there's no question that it has the talent and the scripts.

What else am I looking forward to seeing again on the little screen? Corner Gas - the Canadian Seinfeld, with lots of observational comedy. Grey's Anatomy - it's my soap, following the struggles of a group of interns at a teaching hospital. House - medical puzzles and a fascinating central character. Desperate Housewives - what can I say other than it's always juicy. Deadwood - frontier life was colourful to say the least. The Daily Show will be on the list for years to come. Sadly The West Wing seems to have slipped off my radar.

What am I looking forward to seeing for the first time? Well Rome and Over There got a jump on things, but they still qualify as new great new shows. Otherwise the landscape looks pretty barren, with the possible exception of Commander-in-Chief. Same old same old.

Listening to: Only This Moment by Röyksopp from The Understanding.

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