Sep. 10, 2005

Field Commission

This year's Toronto International Film Festival is going well, I've been doing my usual gig on the Rush Ticket Line at Roy Thomson Hall. We've had great weather and happy crowds. I also got promoted to "Volunteer Captain", which means that often I'm not doing any particular thing, instead I'm inside checking up on the other volunteers to see if they have questions or issues, or moving them to placed that they are needed more. It's challenging and fun, but I miss the crowds outside on the rush line.

The Opening Gala film on Thursday was Deepa Mehta's film Water. I got to see the film, which was a powerful depiction of the reality of widowhood in Hindu society. Practically speaking Hindu widows were outcasts until recently... Last night the films were Mrs. Henderson Presents starring Dame Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins and L'Enfer. I was a Captain that night, working "Front of House". Being Captain means too many duties at the end of the evening and no chance to see the last film. :-( You do get to wear a way-cool radio headset though.

I was also selected to be briefly interviewed live on TV for a movie review show! That was nerve-wracking, but I consoled myself that it was just a local cable channel (Rogers Community Channel) and if I screwed up no-one would see it. It turns out that some friends have already mentioned that they saw me! No reviews yet... Eek. I happen to have a friend who does camera work for Rogers. If I can track down a tape I'll look into posting the clip here.

This evening the films were A History of Violence with Viggo Mortensen and Elizabethtown starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Very busy, with lots of Hollywood talent on hand (Charlize Theron seems to be sneaking into every screening). That meant no tickets left for volunteers, but tonight Sheryl quit her job at Hugo Boss because of the shabby way they have been treating her lately. So I'm just home changing clothes to go back out and celebrate her freedom.

Here's a photo of "my" volunteers busy counting ticket stubs. Or are they praying?

Listening to: Stupid (Hyper Remix) by Sarah McLachlan from Bloom.

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