Aug. 28, 2005

Party Photos

Well that was easy! Turns out that iPhoto now has a tab in the "Export" dialog box specifically for Flickr. Or did I install it a while ago and forget? Either way, it doesn't get any easier than that. I also discovered a way to include a Flash animated link to my FlickR account on my blog sidebar. Life is good.

The party photos are posted here: Daniel and Tamara's Wedding Party. The bride is in a tangerine dress, the groom in a pale blue golf shirt with a cream jacket. I'm in a black shirt, and Sheryl is wearing a beaded pale purple dress. The chick with the pink glove and the tatts? That's the DJ. Enjoy!

Listening to: Step On (Twistin' My Melon Mix) by Happy Mondays from Greatest Hits.

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