Aug. 5, 2005

The Life of Riley

Sheryl and I had our half-iversery last night. A nice dinner at Mildred Pierce, and then we met our Hollywood friends at Ultra Supper Club for drinks. Very posh, very relaxed good times.

The evening started with the Thursday Nike 5K training run at their Yorkville store, which I have been doing from about a month now. I parked at Sheryl's condo and walked down for the run (21:32 in sweltering weather by the way).

So why am I living the life of Riley? As I drove up to the parking entrance the door rose without me buzzing security. When I approach any of the locked doors security buzzes my old junker of a car through without being asked. When I call down to tell them I'll be staying overnight in the guest parking space they greet me by name and know my license plate. I've started joking that between my salt and pepper hair and my clunker of a car they must see me as "one of their own" who has made it.

Listening to: The Life of Riley by The Lightning Seeds from Sense.

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