Aug. 7, 2005

Crises Averted

A lovely hot day today. Chris went to the Greek Taste of the Danforth festival with his mother so he could eat as many different things as possible. He came hope tired but successful. I had two crises to deal with, and luckily both worked out.

First, I realised that I needed a better bike for this blasted triathlon next week. I drove up to Enduro Sport and rented a "proper" triathlon bike, with the funny handle bars and everything (including a long-enough seat post and access to all the gears). I pick it up Thursday evening and have two days to learn how to use the darn thing. While I was doing the paperwork my cell phone started both beeping and ringing, and that announced the second crisis.

The air conditioning in the file server room at my office had failed and various components were overheating. They all started paging me to complain, and then the call came from our digital studio where some artists were working on a new business pitch and had lost their connection to an important server. I drove over to investigate and found that the heat had killed a critical component on the server in question. Fortunately I was able to swap it with an identical component from a less important server and I've ordered a replacement. It would have been an opportunity to explore new careers if I hadn't fixed it...

Listening to: When the Night Feels My Song by Bedouin Soundclash from Sounding a Mosaic.

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