Jul. 5, 2005

How to Feel Normal

I don't care how dysfunctional your personal life is, if you want to feel "normal" just watch an episode of Six Feet Under. Youch! Great drama though, and always an interesting perspective on relationships and mortality. I discovered the show after a girlfriend dumped me while her father was mortally ill, so it was interesting to have some context through which to view my own emotions.

Side note: My ad agency handles the promotional work for the network that broadcasts the show here in Canada (Showcase). "Our" tag line: Sex and dead people. Just not at the same time. Hee hee.

I've been trying to catch up to this final season's episodes, and watched last week's episode on tape with Sheryl. She's game, but finds it tough going with so much conflict and raw emotions. In this episode, Time Flies, Peter's 40th birthday causes everyone to implode. Best line: Ruth begins to make a congratulatory birthday speech, but turns without pausing to shriek at her daughter: "It not all about you!" Holy moly...

Listening to: Waiting (Tom Lord-Alge Remix) by The Devlins from Waiting (and the Six Feet Under soundtrack).

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