Jun. 14, 2005

Who's BOSS?

After watching Kimi Raikkonen win Sunday's Formula One race in Montreal I was pumped for yesterday. Sheryl works for Hugo Boss, and she'd invited me to join her at a fashion show and cocktail party they were having after the Montreal Grand Prix in their Toronto show room. Hugo Boss sponsors the McLaren team and Kimi was going to show up!

The day got off to a bad start with Chris and I arguing about morning chores. He didn't leave for school until 9:15, thirty minutes after school started. I headed to work with a painful neck from the tension. After work I rode my bike up to Sheppard for my last physio appointment, and then back down. Shortly after I arrived home the skies opened up for a truly torrential downpour. I worried about the outdoor cocktail party I was getting dressed for, but the evening proved to be "mostly" dry. For the wet times we all packed into the BOSS show room.

I wore my new Boss clothes of course, and I must say I cut quite the figure. (Joking!) Kimi's flight was slightly delayed, but he made it and in spite of the surging crowd I even managed to have a quiet word with him. (I commiserated with him over his bad luck on the last lap of the previous race when his front suspension tore itself apart.) Sheryl was able to get his autograph on our invitation, and took a hasty snapshot of my conversation with him. Kimi was in all Boss clothes too, wearing a white jacket as well as a pair of sneakers that are part of the new Boss Formula One line (hence the fashion show). He's a notoriously shy young man, but he must have to endure events like these several times a week.

Kimi! In the white jacket...

There was a little question and answer session on the runway before the fashion show, and I managed to ask a question about the "Wall of Champions", a notorious section of wall on the last corner of the Montreal circuit. As the cars sweep out of that corner they come within inches, or less, of this very solid wall. It claimed two cars this year, including the race leader. Kimi's answers were just like his post-race press conferences, where he is prone to such loquacious answers as "Yes" and "No." He was with a safe crowd though, so he opened up a tiny bit.

I also had a chance to sit behind the wheel of a 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car they had on display. This is a half million dollar two seater sports car with vertical-pivoting doors and a 0 - 60 mph time of 3.8 seconds. It's a co-operative effort of Mercedes-Benz and the McLaren Formula One team. I cut quite a figure in there too...

My new ride?

Listening to: Drive by Incubus from Make Yourself.


  1. a gorgeous man in a gorgeous, fast car... .OH BEHAVE!

    island girl ;)

  2. If only it was a SMART car. So my intelligence would be noticeable... :-)

  3. you could buy SEVERAL smart cars for the price of that one! Intelligence overload!

    Island Girl

  4. mercedes do not budget into a teacher's income... *sigh* I need to get a few of my books published!

    Island Girl (again)