Jun. 8, 2005

If Al is Weird, then so are we

This evening I had to dash back into the office after dinner to change a server configuration for one of our clients. While I was gone, just about half an hour, Chris discovered the iTunes Music Store and Weird Al Yankovic. Talk about serendipity! From listening to the 30 second samples Chris now thinks that Weird Al is a god. I think I'll have to get him some discs. He particularly loved the Star Wars parodies, Yoda ("Y-O-D-A Yoda, Yo-yo-yo-yo Yoda...") and The Saga Begins (to the tune of American Pie). I had to introduce him to the original versions so he could get the joke more fully.

That reminded him of the LEGO Star Wars movie, which we heard about last month but never did see. Those crazy Danes worm their way into everything! We Googled it and found a link on the LEGO site. It's actually a Lucasfilms co-production and is quite comic. Click on the screen capture if you'd like to see it yourself (12 MB, 5:16 minute running time).

Listening to: Run by Snow Patrol from Cool Britannia. Cool Britannia is a compilation of recent British bands just released by a local radio station in conjunction with Universal Music Canada. I'm going to blog about it tomorrow I think...

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