Jun. 3, 2005

Be the road

It was a glorious evening last night, and Sheryl called me up at the office to remind me that we had made tentative plans to get together. I finished up and drove down to her place so we could stroll through Yorkville and find a patio to have a bite to eat. We ended up at Cafe Nervosa where the sun was warm, the food was good, and the service was slow. Then it was back uptown to hit the gym and work on my sore hip.

On the way down though I saw an inline skater with a samurai-like dedication to his art. I was turning down Yonge Street, just south of St. Clair, when I spotted him whip by (and I mean whip). He was traveling about 40 km/per hour backwards. A tall bald man with a beard, wearing cut off jeans and no pads or helmet. As I followed him he hit the hill and started picking up more speed. Then he leapt into the air and landed with his skates pointing in opposite directions and began slaloming in his lane of the road. I followed him for a while without overtaking because I was afraid he'd lose control and could fall under my wheels. No half-measures for that guy!

By the way, I cooked on Tuesday. Doesn't happen too often that I actually get a recipe out... Sheryl had come up to my place and I made something we'd seen the previous night on her friend's cooking show. It was a variation on gnocchi called Dunderi. It turned out great, and I'll have to keep the recipe.

Listening to: Burning Down the House by The Talking Heads from Speaking in Tongues.

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  1. glad the weather is nice!!! it is finally warm here. I didn't know you hurt your hip! I haven't been reading in a while. I need to catch up! Hope your hip is better!