May 14, 2005

Sprockets Rewind Part Two

Continuing on with the Sprockets stuff...

Saturday I helped out on Sounds Amazing a sound editing workshop at Tattersall Sound & Picture. There were a dozen kids, with varying degrees of interest, attending the day. Tattersall is a serious production house that has worked on a number of Oscar-nominated films, and the instructors had worked on all of them. The day was divided into two sections and two groups. My group learned about using sound effect libraries in the morning, and then learned "Foley" (creating live sound effects such as footfalls, panting, etc) in the afternoon. The kids worked with a short clip from the film Saint Ralph of a boy running, and falling, behind a bicycle. Saint Ralph was edited at Tattersall and is in release now.

Sunday afternoon I did a Theatre shift, working primarily as an usher for the film Bibi Blocksberg and the Secret of the Blue Owls. "Bibi" is a German film about a young witch. Very Harry Potter. Well done, but aimed at a younger audience. Then there was an evening of celebration at the Drake Hotel, which by tradition ends in the wee hours of the morning across town in the gay district with a viewing of a drag queen competition.

Good thing I had booked the following day off work, because Sunday started with a visit to a friend's house to watch the Spanish Grand Prix live at 7:00 AM.

Listening to: Can't Get Enough Of You Baby by Smash Mouth from Astro Lounge.

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