Apr 28, 2005

What to Wear

Some people have firm opinions about what to wear at the gym. Armpit revealing muscle shirts, or tees? Nike or lululemon? Baggy cotton, presumably with a slogan of some kind on it, or spandex? Midriff exposed, or not? Spandex by the way is a privilege, not a right. A central issue seems to be whether you are trying to raise your heart rate or someone else's.

Personally I drawn the line at exercising without some kind of fabric covering my ass. That's why I turned around today and went back to my office instead of spending my lunch-hour working out... Note to self: check gym bag contents before heading to the gym. I did at least manage to finally talk to a trainer about a sore hip I've been nursing for the last month. We'll have a session together early next week to nail down the problem and talk about triathlon fitness.

What do I wear when I have everything with me? A white New Balance cool max tee, black Nike "compression" shorts, New Balance 605 cross-trainers. And my iPod mini...

Listening to: Ride by The Vines from Winning Days.


  1. Compression shorts eh? Isn't that just spandex with a functional-sounding name?

  2. Um, I'm going to go with "no comment"...