Mar. 9, 2005

Sprockets: And now ve dance!

Remember those old Saturday Night Live sketches about Dieter (played by Mike Myers) and his German film review show Sprockets? Dialog ran along these lines: "In your film Irritant Number Four, the only images were that of a baby's head and a toilet. Did you mean for me to scream?" There was a Sprockets film project, but it was abandoned by Mike Meyers with great acrimony.

Well there's another Sprockets - the Toronto International Film Festival's children's film program, and it's going strong. Tonight was the sign-up night for returning volunteers. I volunteered last year and had a lot of fun. There's something very sweet about the enthusiasm and seriousness of all the kids who come out to watch films or get involved. (Volunteers however have to be 18+ and are subject to a mild security screening.)

pick one...

It was also nice to catch up with some of the people I keep running into at the film festivals. Sprockets 2005 will be in the first week of May, and bigger than ever. If you're in the Toronto area and enjoy working with kids why not come out too? Tell them Ben sent you!

Listening to: Dream Operator by Talking Heads from True Stories.

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