Feb. 17, 2005


It was an interesting weekend, but events at the office prevented me from posting an update. My boss (I hesitate to use that term because sometimes it felt like we were really "heterosexual life partners". It's a Jay and Silent Bob thing) quit on Monday and things have been a bit crazy since then. So here's the lame-ass post I've been picking away at all week.

Friday I saved a life and a marriage. Sounds impressive, right? :-) What actually happened was that I donated blood in the morning, which is something I used to do regularly. It hasn't been convenient in recent years, but an opportunity presented itself and I found the time. Having my iPod with me made the process more enjoyable. I never like the prick of the needle but after that I'm fine, and then it was all the cookies and juice I could gobble. Always an ulterior motive with me!

The marriage I saved? More creative license I'm afraid. I went for a swim after work and towards the end of my workout a woman who had been swimming in my lane came back out of the change room. She was talking to one of the lifeguards and they were peering into the water. I stopped to ask if they were looking for something. It turned out she'd lost an earring. I asked the colour so I could help them look, hoping it might be brightly coloured. She said "it was a diamond"... Almost invisible in water! And not disposable either. Luckily I managed to spot it almost immediately. The post was a tarnished metal that I could see.

Saturday night I went out, with a woman I've just started dating, to see my friend's R&B band Three Chord Johnny upstairs at The Pilot (the room is called The Stealth Lounge) for their pre-Valentine's Day show. 3CJ are buddies who enjoy jamming together and started doing charity concerts a few years ago. They're pretty tight these days, and Saturday night they added three gospel singers as backup and a horn section. It was a great gig, standing room only. The problem is that I've been out to their shows four times now over the last two years, each time with the girlfriend de jour, and the relationship has always ended shortly there after. Makes me a bit nervous to go with someone I like! I guess we'll see if the band's mojo has been broken.

Listening to: Born of Frustration by James from Seven.


  1. You know what, Captain? Maybe this girlfriend de jour will be a keeper and your run of bad luck has ended. Although I can't tell you how sad it makes me to know I will never be that person in your life. *sigh*

    On the other hand, heterosexual life mates are most awesome, indeed.

    Song I'm Listening To: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?--by The Bee Gees.

  2. That was incredibly nice of you to find the earring. I did that last summer as I was teaching a swimming class for toddlers and one of the parents lost her earring. It. was. a. massive. diamond. I searched for an afternoon and finally found. After giving it to her the next day.. no appreciation! *gasp* I thought, "that would have made a nice addition to my engagement ring!" I should have kept it. ;)
    Keep us posted on your girlfriend de jour! I hope the best for you handsome!

  3. tina: You want a piece of me? Huh? Huh? Never say never! :-)
    amanda: Girls, leave the rocks at home! Glad you found that diamond, but that was a pretty lame response on the mom's part. I'll post what I can about the girlfriend de jour, but this ain't Raymi the minx.