Jan. 24, 2005


Brrr, that was a cold and snowy weekend... Lots of snow Friday and Saturday kept the streets clogged, although we still we got to all of C's activities. The usual competition to see who could shovel their neighbour's sidewalk was if full operation. It was also bitter cold, and I almost got frostbite watching C's hockey skills class Sunday morning. At an indoor rink! To be fair the rink, on the campus of the snooty Upper Canada College, is notoriously cold.

We nested as much as possible otherwise, although we made a run to Future Shop after C's Saturday morning Kung Fu class so he could pick up another Xbox controller. This was needed so he could crush me at Halo 2, which he did quite handily. It's kind of funny, because although I'm not much of a gamer I do like to play a multi-player combat game called Unreal Tournament 2004 with my Power Mac G5 at the office (after work, after work...). According to the statistics I'm in the top 5%, which is pretty good but still only about 20,000th out of the 400,000 registered players. I just can't adapt to the damn right-handed Xbox controls. Give me a real customisable mouse and keyboard!

What did we do to pass the rest of the time? We had a Marx Brothers movie marathon, and watched The Big Store, Go West, Room Service, At The Circus, and A Day at the Races. Only A Night at the Opera and A Night in Casablanca left to watch from this set. I got the DVDs for C at Christmas, and he loves them... They all seem to be the same movie, but it's a pretty good movie. I got a kick out of finally seeing Groucho sing Lydia the Tattooed Lady in At the Circus. C insisted on buying pizza for Sunday dinner as he had a coupon, and we snacked on salmon-flavoured cream cheese on crackers (C added pickle slices).

Listening to: 3 AM (iTunes link) by Matchbox 20 from Yourself or Someone Like You.

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  1. My son loves the Marx films, too, he watches them with his Dad. Aww. Cute. Glad you had a nice Dad weekend.