Dec. 21, 2004

Holiday Thoughts

I'll be away from computers until after Boxing Day, as we're all heading down to my brother's new home in upstate New York. So here's a quick post to all my new friends to say thanks for reading and for writing, both here and in your own blogs. I've enjoyed "meeting" y'all.

I hope you are with family and friends over the holidays, and can enjoy this special time of year. Here are a couple of "seasonal" snapshots:

I took this shot of crab apples with a cell phone camera during our first snow storm a few weeks ago...

My son and his cousins sharing a Christmas Eve joke last year

Listening to: 2000 Miles (iTunes Store link) by The Pretenders from Learning to Crawl or any number of contemporary Christmas compilations...


  1. I love the pics. That's really clear for a camera phone! and the looks on the kids faces.... awww.

    Have fun and I'll "see" you when you get back.

  2. That is an amazing picture. What type mobile do you have?

    For your inquiring little mind, my christmas tree is somewhat alive and planning on welcoming in the new year as well. I feel that shoving it out the bay window (which is what I'll have to do to spare the room of exceeding amounts of needles) before the new year has started would be sheer tree cruelty.

    Thanks for your post. I'll be adding your site as a favourite, for I sense you have very important things to be said. ;)

    Cheers from London,

  3. Thanks Amanda,

    I'm so full of "important" things to say that I'm self-important. :-) Actually I'm enjoying blogging because I "meet" lots of interesting people and it gives me time to reflect on my day.

    My cell phone is a neat little Motorola V300 flip phone. These gadgets are slowly turning into "cameras that can make phone calls". Pretty soon they'll have neck-straps on them. The bottom picture was from a regular digital camera though, which did have a neck-strap.

    I enjoyed your post about, um, snot. When my son was in pre-school there were so many runny noses I wondered how the teachers could stand it! Now I know.