Nov. 2, 2004

US Elections: Vote early, vote often!

Well it's now November 2nd, election day in the USA. I can't think of a more important moment in American politics. Split right down middle... The Republicans seems to be making every effort possible to prevent non-supporters from voting. (See Judges Bar Republican Challengers at Ohio Polls and Disenfranchising Floridians Likely to Vote Democrat.) This election is important to us outsiders as well of course, as American decisions have such a widespread effect on the world.

My instinct is that internationally there has been a lot of distaste for American policy under George W. Bush. America's status and moral stature has been seriously eroded by a long list of blunders and corruption. In spite of that there is still a real soft spot for Americans as individuals. But if Bush is re-elected we're going to have to come to grips with the fact that George, idiot that he is, must be recognised as the American people's choice. Then he'll change from a mistake we've all had to endure into something that we have to deal with.

That will mean shifting political and economic alliances away from him and from America. Ironically in the short-term America will be more forceful and inflexible and will seem more powerful, but it will mean the end of American dominance of the world's politics and economy and the beginning of China's century.

If Kerry wins (pray, pray) there's an opportunity for the America and the world community to come back together again. That is what will keep America powerful and influential. And just, and compassionate, and democratic, and...


  1. Don't worry, the informed majority here in the US will try our best not to let the same mistake happen again. Look for a Kerry win Tuesday!

  2. Oh, I hope so! For everyone's sake...