Oct. 22, 2004

Am I Jason Bourne?

You know; played by Matt Damon in the spy thriller The Bourne Identity. My eleven year old son seems to think so! He told me so a few weeks ago after we'd spent a Saturday biking around town on a variety of errands. Lately it seems every time we step out the door I run into an acquaintance or colleague. That's "into", not "over"... People wave to us from cars, come up to chat on the street, or I'll notice them and tell my son that the person we just passed was from my office or somewhere else. This summer a colleague said "Hi" to us at a gas station 300 kilometers from home.

My son's starting to think that I have a network of covert operatives always at the ready, perhaps carrying new identity papers and ingenious spy gadgets, checking in with me and ready to assist. Too bad my "network" doesn't provide me with resources in, say, the South of France or Tokyo! Sadly it's confined to southern Ontario and parts of New York City, and struggles with grossly inadequate funding. But I do appreciate your efforts! :-)


  1. South of France is really cool and that's a guy who lived in the middle of France(which is not that bad) who say that. But something cooler ... South of french polynesia like Bora-Bora ... yeah ... err whatever !
    I haven't seen Bourne Identity, does it worth ?

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  3. The Bourne Identity is a pretty good spy thriller from a few years ago. There's been a sequel, The Bourne Supremacy, so it must be good right? Jason Bourne wakes up with amnesia and starts piecing together who he is and why everyone is after him. And why he knows how to kill people with his bare hands... Mostly filmed in France and Germany.

    I've never made it to Europe (except England), that's why "my network" has no resources there. I'd love to go though, and probably will in the next few years. But Bora Bora could be worth a trip too! :-)